Final Home Game for 2014 USC Basketball Seniors

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March 1, 2014 by Seth Rubinroit

By Seth Rubinroit

Seniors scored 41 of USC’s 63 points, but it was not enough as the Trojans fell to Oregon, 78-63, in the final home game of the season at the Galen Center Saturday afternoon.

USC (10-19, 1-15) won only one Pac-12 Conference home game this season.

“If you would have asked us before the season,” coach Andy Enfield said, “we would have expected to win more games.

The five USC basketball seniors, as well as two senior managers, honored before the game as part of the senior salute were:

D.J. Haley

Few Trojans competed as hard as D.J. Haley, who played one season at USC after graduating early from VCU.

D.J. Haley (Seth Rubinroit/Galen Central)

D.J. Haley (Seth Rubinroit/Galen Central)

Pe’Shon Howard

Pe’Shon Howard only spent one season at USC after transferring from Maryland, but he made an immediate impact. The point guard led the Trojans in assists, and occasionally provided a significant scoring punch.

Pe'Shon Howard (Seth Rubinroit/Galen Central)

Pe’Shon Howard (Seth Rubinroit/Galen Central)

Daniel Munoz

Daniel Munoz, a walk-on, was always ready to play when his name was called.

During USC’s injury-riddled 2011-2012 season, Munoz started a game and appeared in 10 of USC’s final 12 games.

“He’s one of the finest young men I’ve been around as a coach,” Enfield said. “He has an unbelievable attitude, and he understands his role in practice.”

Samer Dhillon and Daniel Munoz (Seth Rubinroit/Galen Central)

Daniel Munoz, right (Seth Rubinroit/Galen Central)

Omar Oraby

7-foot-2 center Omar Oraby was impossible to miss walking around campus.

On the court, Oraby showed flashes of dominance when he avoided committing early fouls.

Omar Oraby (Seth Rubinroit/Galen Central)

Omar Oraby (Seth Rubinroit/Galen Central)

J.T. Terrell

J.T. Terrell spent two seasons at USC after beginning his collegiate career at Wake Forest.

J.T. Terrell (Seth Rubinroit/Galen Central)

J.T. Terrell (Seth Rubinroit/Galen Central)

Terrell will be remembered for his athleticism and his highlight-reel dunks:

Jordan Flatt (Student Manager)

For the last five seasons, student manager Jordan Flatt has been one of the few constants for the USC basketball program. He loyally served under three coaches: Kevin O’Neill, Bob Cantu and Enfield.

“Jordan is an incredibly hard worker, and he has been an excellent role model,” said Sam Fein, a fellow student manager. “He sets the standard for the level of commitment a manager needs for this program to be successful.”

He also helped the USC basketball student managers defeat UCLA’s managers in the annual rivalry game.

Jordan Flatt (right) served as a USC basketball student manager for five seasons (Seth Rubinroit/Galen Central)

Jordan Flatt (right) served as a USC basketball student manager for five seasons (Seth Rubinroit/Galen Central)

This was also the final home game for senior manager Ara Altounian, who is in his first season with the program.

USC’s 1954 Final Four Squad

In addition to the honoring the 2014 USC basketball seniors, athletic director Pat Haden recognized USC’s 1954 Final Four team. They were the only Trojan team to advance to the Final Four.

Jack Dunne, Jack Lovrich, Al Ludecke, Roy Irvin, Dave De Groote and Ralph Pausig all traveled from around the country to be at the Galen Center for the ceremony:

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