A Farewell to David Blu


May 17, 2013 by Jacob Freedman

He was a USC basketball legend. He was an acculturated European veteran, playing basketball in France, Israel, Italy and Russia. And now, Galen Central’s own David Blu is a college graduate, earning his B.A. in Sociology from USC.

Throughout his pro career spanning a decade, Blu always said he wanted to return and finish his degree. He could be starting a trend, as he mentioned that Sam Clancy, a teammate on the 2001 USC squad that made a run to the Elite 8, is too considering a move back to USC to finish his degree.

Like many Trojans taking a new step in their life today, Blu does not yet know where his next step in life will take him. Although he last suited up for USC in 2002, he dressed up in Cardinal and Gold today for a different reason. It’s been 15 years in the making, but Blu’s USC career is finally at a close. He’s already had adventures overseas, but we at Galen Central wish him a fond farewell and know that he’ll find success in whatever endeavors he pursues next. You’re our boy, Blu!


One thought on “A Farewell to David Blu

  1. […] Former USC basketball David Blu returned from a successful playing career in Israel to receive his diploma. […]

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