Lyon Center Dream Team


March 19, 2013 by Seth Rubinroit

By Seth Rubinroit

The ultimate Lyon Center dream team walked off the court high-fiving and smiling after their 50-plus point intramural victory.

Running the point was USC assistant coach Tony Miller, a former star at Marquette. On the wing stood former USC and Maccabi Tel Aviv forward (and Galen Central columnist) David Blu. USC Director of Basketball Operations and former Xavier forward Anthony Coleman, as well as USC assistant coach and former St. Lawrence standout Aaron Marshall, manned the post. Even student manager Adrian Deras got involved in the action.

It quickly became apparent that the game was going to be a mismatch.

“I think I made six three-pointers in the first half,” Blu said. “It was not even close.”

It only got worse from there.

“We beat that team so badly they told us we could not play anymore,” Marshall said. “Apparently there were a lot of complaints.”

Maybe from opponents, but Lyon Center employees were impressed by the way the USC basketball staffers played.

“They looked like they were always having fun,” scorekeeper Kari Van Horn said. “They had great ball movement, and were never selfish.”

The triumphs did not end at the Lyon Center.

Coleman, Marshall and Miller challenged three members of the USC basketball team to a best-of-five three-on-three series. And won.

“I am going to keep them nameless, but they were not bums,” Marshall said. “The next week they spent a lot more time working on their game after the practice.”

With all the teams gathered in Las Vegas for the Pac-12 Tournament, Galen Central decided to ponder which team would win a three-on-three tournament among Pac-12 assistant coaches.

The idea was floated over Twitter.

Galen Central then went directly to the source.

“I would love to do a three-on-three tournament,” Marshall said. “We have ball-handlers and both an inside and outside presence.”

There are numerous former players on Pac-12 benches. Tyus Edney, who led the Bruins to the 1995 NCAA Title, is the Director of Basketball Operations at his old school. Mark Madsen, a fan favorite for his hustle and dance moves with the Los Angeles Lakers, is an assistant coach at Stanford. Chauncey Billups’ younger brother, Rodney, is an assistant coach at Colorado.

It is unlikely the Pac-12 assistant coaches would ever lace up their old basketball shoes in Las Vegas, but Miller is confident he knows how it would go.

“The thing is a lot of these coaches do not play anymore,” Miller said. “We still play. We are out here hooping.”

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