Worthwhile USC Basketball Reads

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February 14, 2013 by Seth Rubinroit

By Seth Rubinroit

I came across three articles today that all USC basketball fans should read.

In the first story, Joey Kaufman of The Daily Trojan examined the finances of the Galen Center. For the story, Joey interviewed Galen Central’s own David Blu.

To figure out how the Galen Center can become a thriving, profitable hub for the university, perhaps this is the moment to recite the time-old question: Can USC win, and win consistently, in men’s basketball?

In the next article, Diane Pucin of The Los Angeles Times looked at Bob Cantu’s journey to becoming a head coach. Diane spoke to former USC coaches Tim Floyd and Henry Bibby for her article.
“Do I want the job?” Cantu says. “Of course. So I have to win. We have to play our best. We have to play a style people enjoy. We have to get people to come out. We have to do well in the Pac-12 tournament. If we get farther than that, great. Then, we’ll see.”
Rich Hammond of The OC Register also interviewed several of Cantu’s former bosses.
“I think he’s ready,” said Bibby, now an assistant with the Memphis Grizzlies. “How many more years does he need? He’s been an assistant coach for a lot of years. Somebody has to give this guy a break.”
I also wrote an article for The Daily Trojan previewing USC’s trip to the Bay Area.

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