A Blast From The Past: The Famous Tim Floyd Standings


February 6, 2013 by Marshall Kelner

By Marshall Kelner

My freshman year at USC was 2007. The same year O.J. Mayo arrived. It was a great time for USC basketball. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I loved former head coach Tim Floyd. Not only was he a phenomenal recruiter, he also was an innovative defensive mind. I really thought Floyd was on the cusp of making USC a powerhouse program before former AD Mike Garrett threw him under the bus. That’s another post for another day, though.

For now, I re-introduce you to the famous Tim Floyd Standings. The explanation is simple. Floyd wanted to emphasize to his players the importance of protecting your home court at all times, while picking off wins on the road whenever you could. He created the following system for ranking teams:

-For every road win, you get one point.

-For every home loss, you lose one point.

-A home win or a road loss results in no points.

Floyd figured that his standings would very closely resemble the actual standings by the end of the season. After all, the formula for success in any sport is to win at home and go about .500 on the road.

Floyd’s formula works especially well with the Pac-12 schedule. Every week, you either play two home games or two road games, with the exception of the week you play your rival. The goal is to sweep the home series and split the road ones. Not too complicated.

I decided that I would calculate the Tim Floyd standings at the halfway point of the conference season and see how they compare to the real ones. Turns out, Timothy’s simple formula is spot on right now. The standings, as you can see below, are identical. We will continue to update these throughout the rest of the season and see how much of a prophet the former Trojans coach is.

Real Standings

Floyd Standings

Arizona (7-2)

Arizona (+3)

Oregon (7-2)

Oregon (+3)

Arizona State (6-3)

Arizona State (+1)

UCLA (6-3)

UCLA (+1)

California (5-4)

California (+1)

Washington (5-4)

Washington (+1)

Stanford (5-4)

Stanford (0)

Colorado (4-5)

Colorado (0)

USC (4-5)

USC (0)

Washington State (2-7)

Washington State (-3)

Utah (2-7)

Utah (-3)

Oregon State (1-7)

Oregon State (-4)


Photo By Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

2 thoughts on “A Blast From The Past: The Famous Tim Floyd Standings

  1. Barry Kelner says:

    Fascinating post — thanks! Not only was Floyd a fine basketball mind, but he was a good interview, too. I remember your interview with him on your radio show at USC — great material! Instead of firing Floyd, Garrett should have taken a cue from Romney and self-fired!

  2. […] few weeks ago, I re-introduced the famous Tim Floyd Standings to this blog. Now, with two weeks left in Pac-12 play, it’s […]

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