SCdunk Tank: A Trojan Take-Down at Pauley Pavilion


January 31, 2013 by Josh

By SCdunk

Every time USC and UCLA compete, it is a big deal.  Whether it be a football, baseball, tennis, or water polo match-up, competition between the two sun-soaked LA schools is bound to be heated.  And tonight’s Pac-12 basketball match-up was no different.

In fact, the atmosphere at Pauley tonight seemed to be a bit spicier than normal – the cards stacked a bit higher perhaps.  UCLA deemed this game a BLUE OUT and decided to wear a “shimmer finish” monochrome pairing for a “bold on-court look.”  They also decided to retire current sports commentator, former Bruin, and Indiana Pacer 3-point-ace, Reggie Miller’s number at the half.  And in addition, Google even decided that it was going to celebrate former Bruin’s athletic sensation Jackie Robinson, and his 94th birthday.  The Bruins seemed to have predetermined that this was going to be their night.


And this needed to be the Bruins’ night. UCLA had just come off a tumultuous Arizona trip, finding themselves victorious 84-73 over Arizona and then two days later on the wrong side of a 78-60 pyrotechnics display by Arizona State.  One could say they needed to rebound against their rivals…

…But that’s exactly what the the Bruins didn’t do!

Most impressive tonight for the Trojans was the effort on the glass to out-rebound their opponents 42-34!  But not only that, it was the USC forwards that handled business around the basket.  Wise had 11 rebounds, Fuller 6, Wesley 6, and Stewart 5.  The domination down-low for the Trojans was a pleasing sight.  The offensive boards led to put backs and a defensive board helped to put the game away in the end.

Here are some thoughts, take em’ or leave em’:

  • Fuller and Stewart were a revelation this game!  Hopefully this leads to more playing time.
  • Jio turned the ball over only once? And he scored 15? Nice.  Just please stay out of foul trouble next game so all us USC fans can stop sweating bullets.
  • Where’s the Big O?  Omar Oraby put in 6 minutes of playing time tonight.  With Cantu trying to run a more fluid and fast-paced offensive system, would coach rather have the slow and deliberate game of Oraby on the pine?
  • USC shot only 25% from behind the 3-point line tonight.  Imagine if they shot a more respectable 35%?
  • UCLA shot 10.5% from behind the 3-point line tonight… Imagine if they shot anything more respectable than that…
  • I liked USC’s uniforms tonight as a change of pace, but can the designers at Nike make something just a tad more swag?? It looked like they cut and pasted our football logo onto a black jersey.  (the shoes were a hit though!)

New uniform featured on the Ripsit Blog


There is nothing better than the feeling of beating your rival in sports.  It’s almost an indescribable feeling.  But for those who have such a particular way with words that they can describe this feeling… there is the Twitter-verse.  Here are some of the highlight reactions to tonight’s game:

2 thoughts on “SCdunk Tank: A Trojan Take-Down at Pauley Pavilion

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