USC Guard Greg Allen is Academically Ineligible

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January 4, 2013 by Jacob Freedman

By Jacob Freedman

As reported by Conquest Chronicles, the senior transfer was declared academically ineligible by USC. This being his final year of eligibility, the decision means Allen’s USC career is finished.

Allen was a big contributor last season, playing over 20 minutes a game. Brought in out of Navarro College thanks to his three-point shooting, Allen never found it while on the Trojans. He shot 31.8 percent last year (29.3 percent beyond the arc), and had taken just 11 shots this year.

For better or worse, Allen’s heavily reduced impact was a result in the Trojans’ increase in talent and depth this season. J.T. Terrell, Chass Bryan and eventually Brendyn Taylor cut heavily into his minutes, as he didn’t even play in USC’s past four games. It’s a tough situation for anyone to have their college career end so suddenly, but thankfully it will not have a huge impact on coach Kevin O’Neill’s rotation. Best of luck to Greg in his future endeavors, and here’s hoping this means more development for the freshman guards, Bryan and Taylor.

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